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Our Mission is to improve the quality of life in rural North Carolina by increasing voter participation and improving public policy.

North Carolina is a purple state. Gerrymandering, political posturing and extreme partisanship are attempting to dispel this narrative. North Carolina is neither right nor left; Republican nor Democrat. Red nor blue. The sociopolitical values and principles that will move us forward must come from the center. The center is where we leave our political labels and baggage at the door, to find commonsense solutions to our greatest challenges. No one party has all of the right answers. A self-correcting center is necessary to ensure neither party controls with an extreme partisan agenda. All of the most important issues are people issues not party issues.

All Rise PAC seeks to bring together local elected officials and members of the North Carolina General Assembly, local government, faith-based organizations, community based organizations, not-for-profits, academia, foundations, small business, trade associations, corporations, unions and community stakeholders to find common ground. Our work is focused in rural North Carolina communities, particularly in Eastern North Carolina - Nash, Edgecombe, Wilson, Halifax, Northampton, Vance, Warren, and Wayne counties.

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