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HB 331  (= SB  320).                  2021 Unemployment Insurance Reform.

HB 371.                                      NC Teacher Support Program Funds.

HB 485                                      Amend 1-Yr Sep/Repeal Alien. of Aff/Crim. Con.

HB 532                                      Criminal Justice Equity Act of 2021.

HB 590                                      Mobile Barbershops/Mobile Salons.

HB 591                                       Fines and Forfeitures/Payment to Schools.

HB 592                                       Remove Restriction on Public School Cap. Fund.

HB 612                                       Up Minimum Wages/No Subminimum or Exemptions.

HB 625                                       Criminal Sentence Reduction Reform.

HB 697                                       The Prison Resources Repurposing Act.

HB 698  (= SB  510)                   Release Body-Worn/Dashboard Camera Video.

HB 705                                        Set $15 Minimum Wage for First Responders.

HB 754                                 Study and Funds/Civil Rights Projects.

HB 809                                        NC Healthy Family Act.

HB 883                                        Classroom Supplies Funds for Teachers.

HB 884                                        Establish NC Institute for Public Policy.

HB 921                                         Tier I Community Reinvestment.

HB 955                                         Individual and Families Recovery Act.

HB 958                                         Hire NC Workers.

HB 961                                          Oversight of LME/MCOs/New FTEs within DHHS.

HB 966                                         HBCU/HMSI Funds/Adv. Bd./Teaching Fellows.

HB 968                                         DRIVE Recommendations/Teacher Diversity.

HB 969                                         Small Business Truth in Financing.

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