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Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Volume 1, Issue 14

I hope everyone is remaining safe during our public health crisis. My office is still open to address your concerns. You can contact my office by telephone or email at: (919) 733-5802 or gailliard la@ncleg.net if you have questions or concerns.

Raleigh: General Assembly - Committee Updates

There are no updates on the Committees Representative Gailliard serves on for the month of March.

To follow up on daily updates on General Assembly News, visit ncleg.gov where you can learn more about proposed bills at session or new committees developed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 Updates


As of April 6th, 2020, we have 2,870 cases in North Carolina. There are 89 counties with cases. Nash County has 20 cases and Edgecombe County has 5 cases. There are 270 people hospitalized with COVID-19. We have 33 confirmed deaths for North Carolina.

Tax Day and COVID-19

North Carolina Leaders Announce Shared Support for Deferring Interest on Income Tax Until July 15

North Carolina leaders announced shared bipartisan support for deferring the accrual of interest on state income taxes filed before July 15, 2020, in a joint statement released by Republican and Democratic legislative leaders and Governor Cooper this week.

The deadline for state and federal tax filings were recently delayed to July 15, 2020, and penalties for late payments were also waived. However, the North Carolina General Assembly and Governor must approve legislation to defer accrual of interest on income taxes between April 15, 2020 and July 15, 2020.

Under current North Carolina law, the NC Secretary of the Department of Revenue cannot simply waive interest on his own authority. Therefore, when we return to session, we will need to pass a new law so that taxpayers are not liable for interest between the old filing date of April 15, 2020, and the new July 15, 2020 deadline.

Information from the IRS can be found here: irs.gov/coronavirus Information from the NC Department of Revenue can be found here: ncdor.gov

Unemployment Compensation and COVID-19

Representative Gailliard held a FaceBook live townhall last week with G.K. Butterfield to discuss details on the various types of unemployment compensation available to our state as a result of COVID-19.

Important unemployment information from the Division of Employment Security, North Carolina’s unemployment agency.

The Federal CARES Act provides for three temporary unemployment compensation programs due to COVID-19:

  • Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation

  • Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation

  • Pandemic Unemployment Assistance

The Division of Employment Security is awaiting guidance from the U.S. Department of Labor to implement these programs. Once we receive the final guidance, benefits should start being paid in about two weeks.

Anyone who filed a claim due to COVID-19 before this legislation may still be eligible for these benefits. If any benefits are owed for a week previously claimed, payment will be made retroactively.

Here is a brief summary of each program . I will share more details about eligibility and how to apply for benefits as they become available.

Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC): Provides an additional $600 in weekly unemployment insurance benefits paid for weeks after March 29, 2020. The program is slated to end July 31, 2020.

Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC): Provides up to 13 additional weeks of unemployment insurance benefits. Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) : Provides unemployment compensation

for individuals not eligible for regular unemployment insurance or any extensions to unemployment insurance. This would provide coverage to eligible self-employed workers and independent contractors who are not typically eligible for unemployment


The fastest and most efficient way to file a new claim is to file online at des.nc.gov. If you don't have access to a computer or need assistance, you may file over the phone by calling the Customer Call Center at 888-737-0259. However, due to the high volume of calls related to COVID-19, you may experience a long wait time. DES will ensure that claimants do not miss out on any weeks of eligibility due to the high call volume. We will begin the claim with the week when they initially attempted to file.

Drive-Up Religious Services and COVID-19

Drive-up Religious Services:

Guidance for religious services where people drive-up, stay in their cars, and listen to a broadcast service: These are allowable so long as people remain in their cars and avoid contact.

Court Services and COVID-19

Emergency Order Postponing Court Proceedings

In light of the urgent need to reduce the spread of COVID-19 infections, while also ensuring the continuing operation of essential court functions, Chief Justice Beasley has issued an order, pursuant to N.C.G.S. § 7A-39(b)(2), containing seven emergency directives. The order, includes thee following directives:

  • Postpone most court proceedings until June 1, 2020

  • Directs clerks of court to post notices at court facilities discouraging entry by those infected with COVID-19

  • Authorizes court proceedings to be conducted by remote audio and video transmissions

  • Directs attorneys and others without business before the court to avoid court facilities

  • Allows use of a sworn statement under penalty of perjury rather than notarization for court filings and oaths

  • Permits service of court documents via email

  • Extends the deadline for payment of most fines and fees by 90 days and directs clerks not to report failures to pay court debt to the DMV

In The News

North Carolina Receives Federal Disaster Declaration for COVID-19

The White House granted Governor Roy Cooper’s request late Wednesday for a federal disaster declaration for the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic in North Carolina. The declaration provides Public Assistance to all 100 North Carolina counties, allowing local governments, state agencies and eligible non-profits to be reimbursed for costs involved in responding to the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

North Carolina is still waiting for additional assistance including disaster unemployment assistance, crisis counseling, disaster case management and other items. They remain under review and could be granted as the COVID-19 situation evolves.

COVID-19 Internet Service Options

In response to COVID-19, many North Carolina residents are being asked to work and learn remotely. The North Carolina Department of Information Technology has compiled a list of new and existing free or affordable service offerings. Visit: https://www.ncbroadband.gov/covid19broadband/

Law enforcement warns Americans of increasing coronavirus scams, https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/law-enforcement-warns-americans-increasing-coronavirus-scams/story?id=69760340

Editorial: N.C. response to COVID-19 is opportunity to do more, not retreat, https://www.wral.com/coronavirus/editorial-n-c-response-to-covid-19-is-opportunity-to-do-more-not-retreat/19037476/

The News & Observer Initiative launched for 2020 Census by My Black Counts NC, Bladen Journal, https://www.bladenjournal.com/news/31033/initiative-launched-for-2020-census-by-my-black-counts-nc

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